Getting started with your offices

As an admin you have an overview of all the offices in your organization together with all the according details at all time. Skedify includes a map overview with the offices.

To get an overview of the offices, go to Manage Organization > Offices



Showing office information

Clicking on one of the offices presents you with the following popup screen:

Within this popup screen you have three buttons:

  1. Show details
  2. Deactivate
  3. Delete


Show details

This button presents you with all the office information like:

  • Office location on a map
  • Address information
  • General information
  • Office managers 



Deactivating an office makes the office unavailable for further appointment making with customers without actually deleting it.


Clicking this buttons allows you to delete the office and all its information and linked employees. But beware! Once you delete an office, this action cannot be undone!
If you are not sure about deleting the office, it's best to just deactivate the office


Setting office advisors

As soon as you opened the details of your office, you can go to the tab Agents. It is possible to view and link employees to your office.


 Adjusting your office network

Offices can be added or deleted easily with just a few clicks.

How to add a new office:

  • Go to Manage Organization > Offices
  • Click on the '+' button in the upper left corner and 'Add a new office'
  • Fill in the office details
  • 'Save' or 'Continue creating' to immediately create an other office.



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