Getting started with employees in your organization

As an admin, you want an overview of all the current employees under your supervision. Employees can have one or more roles of the three different types in the application. They can easily be assigned to offices.
Next to the office availability, each employee in that office can specify a different availability per day.

Company > Employees 

Clicking on an employee brings you to a new screen with the employee's details in
three different tabs (depending on the employee's role): 

Profile - Availability - Expertises


In this tab, the following details from the employee are presented:

  • Personal information: name, email, phone number and picture

If the employee is a person of contact, additional information is available:

  • Function within the company
  • Introduction
  • External ID
  • Assigned offices


This tab allows you to set the hours the employee is available to schedule appointments with.


Here you can find and set the different appointment subjects that can be linked to an employee.



Working with and changing employee roles

For more information on employee roles and how to change them, click here.


Inviting new employees to your company 

New employees can be invited at all times in a quick and easy way.
To invite a new employee:

  1. Go to Company > Employees
  2. Click the '+' sign in the upper left corner
  3. Click on 'Invite employee'
  4. Fill in the email address of the employee and select the employee's role(s)
  5. Click on 'Invite' to send out an e-mail invitation.  


Assigning employees to offices

For every employee it is possible to view the offices he's assigned to.

To assign an employee to an office:

  1. Go to Company > Employees
  2. Click on the desired employee
  3. On the right you can click the 'Link offices' button
  4. Select the desired office from the list of available offices
  5. Choose which type of assignment you would like to use: 'Contact' or 'Office manager'
  6. Click 'Continue'
  7. The employee is now linked to an office.

Don't forget to save other changes you made in the profile!


Matching employees' expertises with appointment subjects

The tab Expertises shows the appointment subjects linked to that employee.

How to change the expertises of the employee:

  1. Go to Company > Employees
  2. Click the desired employee and go to the tab Expertises
  3. Turn the green switches on for the subjects you want to match
  4. Save your changes



Setting your employees' availability

This function allows you to change the availability of the employee which overrules the opening hours of the office assigned to the employee.

How to adjust the availability of the employee:

  1. Go to Company > Employees
  2. Click on the desired employee and go to the tab Availability
  3. Use the drag and drop function to create and adjust timeframes
  4. Save your changes.
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