Connecting and syncing your calendars

You probably have an existing calendar client such as Outlook (via MS Exchange), Office365,, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. And we recognize your calendar being an important work tool, and want to keep it that way.

So, to also being able to provide you all the scheduling goodness that Skedify offers, we've made it possible to easily synchronize with your existing calendar client.


Synchronizing your current calendar

How to:

  1. Go to Profile> Profile Settings > Synchronisation
  2. Click on the sync symbol in the upper right corner
  3. Click on "Add An Account"
  4. Choose your calendar client and click Continue
  5. Login to your calendar client and you're done!


Can I connect with more than one calendar account?

Yes, with the synchronization tool it's possible to connect with multiple calendar accounts. Just repeat the steps above for all the desired calendars you want to sync.

Deciding which calendars influence your availability

After you've connected your calendar(s) within the app, you are given the option to synchronize your calendar(s) with the app. By 'Syncing' a calendar the availability from this calendar is taken into account when presenting your availability to the customer. For information about the export function see below. 

Automatically synchronizing new appointments with your calendars.

After you've connected your calendar(s) within the app, you are given the option to export your calendar(s) with the app. By checking the 'Copy appointments to Calendar' box for a calendar, all your future appointments made in the Skedify application will be exported/pushed to this calendar. Old appointments won't be synced.

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