Understanding incoming vs. outgoing appointments

Skedify offers you two ways appointments can be scheduled easily with your customers:

Inbound and outbound appointments. 

If you want to schedule an appointment go to Calendar > Schedule an appointment

Incoming / Inbound

Your customer takes the iniative of scheduling an appointment (request) and you have the option to accept, reschedule, assign to a co-worker or decline.

Enabling your customer to request an appointment empowers them, and makes you as their go-to service provider more easily accessible. In addition, it can also help in preventing un-scheduled customer interaction. Such as interrupting phone-calls, emails or unexpected walk-ins.

More information about handling incoming appointments can be found here.

Outgoing / Outbound

When you schedule outbound, you are the one initiating the meeting with the client. You might be in a meeting with a customer, and want to plan a follow-up appointment. Or maybe you've got a customer on the phone or just received an email from a customer requesting a meeting. In this case, you can start a new meeting easily. There are 2 scenario's:

  • I know a date & time that works for both of us: in this case, you can just go ahead and plan the meeting. Your calendar will be updated and your client will be notified and receive reminders.
  • I don't know when we can both meet: in this case, you can invite your client. They will receive a link and can suggest a date & time that fits your schedule.

To find out more about outgoing appointments click here.

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