Inviting new users to your office’s team

So you've got a great customer team. And they love meeting up with clients. So here's how you can invite them to your office's team on Skedify. 

Important note: when inviting people to your team, you'll need to assign them a contact role when you want to enable appointment scheduling for them.

Inviting new users to your office’s team

The office network of your company can can consist of many different offices and employees. Sometimes employees have to be assigned to another office or additional offices. If this is the office you're managing you can simply invite other users/employees to your office.

How to:

  1. Go to Navigation > Overview > Team
  2. Click on 'Invite someone' and enter his/her email address
  3. Select the role(s) this person will have and press Invite

You've now invited a new office manager! To invite another office manager just repeat the previous steps and click on the desired roles (contact + officemanager)




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