Building question forms

For every appointment made through the plugin for a certain subject, specific questions will be asked to the customer. These questions serve to get a better grasp of the customer's needs before the appointment takes place and therefore help to optimize the personalization and preparation process of the appointment.

You can completely customize the questions asked during the appointment process with the dynamic form builder.

How to build question forms:

  1. Go to Company > Subjects
  2. Click on the subject for which you want to build a form
  3. Click on 'Edit form' on the right
  4. In this form builder, simply drag and drop the desired component (questions) to your form on the left


  5. Click on a dropped component to set its details. See: "Setting the details of a component".

  6. Save your changes!

Note: To change the position of the component, click on the 'triple stripe' sign and drag the component to the desired location.



Setting the details of a component

Details for components can be specified.

Show label

Show the title of the question.


Check this box to make the selected question required for the customer to answer. This does not count for an agent.

Show help text

Check this box to show the help text together with the question.


The label or prompt of the question that customers see when scheduling an appointment.

Help Text

A smaller text next to the label to give some more information.

Possible values

Your customer can choose between multiple values.


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