Assigning roles to your employees

In the application, employees can have one or more of the 3 different roles.
As an administrator, you always have an overview of all the current employees - and their roles - under your supervision.


This is the most basic and common role in the Skedify application. Contacts are the employees in your organization that are only allowed to schedule appointments. They can make their own appointments (outgoing appointments) and can accept incoming appointments.
They also have an overview of the appointment subjects they are assigned to and a calendar overview of all their appointments.

Office manager

Employees with this role are responsible for managing their office, meaning they can set the office details and its opening hours. They are also responsible for the employees within that office. For these employees they can see and edit:

  • The incoming appointments
  • The outgoing appointments
  • The different appointment subjects (expertises) linked to them


This is the most comprehensive role in the application. Next to the functions the other roles have, they also have responsibility over the following items:

  • Customization of the plugin and the notifications
  • All the customers of the organization
  • All the employees of the organization
  • All the offices of the organization
  • All the different subjects (services) your organization is offering
  • Analytics of the organization
  • The company's account info


How to assign and adjust roles to employees: 

  1. Go to Company > Employees
  2. Select the desired employee
  3. Click on 'Edit roles' under the employee's name
  4. Choose the corresponding role(s)
  5. Click on 'Save changes'



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