FAQ: Office Management

As an office manager your responsibility is the correct management of your office(s). In this article we've put up a list of the most common questions you can ask yourself as an office manager.

Can there be more than one office manager?

Most of the time an office needs an office manager to manage it's employees. But sometimes an office has or needs more than one office manager. This isn't a problem and the Skedify application let's you assign other office managers easily! 

How to:

  1. Go to Navigation > Overview > Team
  2. Click on 'Invite someone' and enter his/her email address
  3. Select the role(s) this person will have and press Invite

You've now invited a new office manager! To invite another office manager just repeat the previous steps.

What can I do as office manager? (and can’t)

  • Can I assign appointments to myself?

It is not possible to reassign appointments to him-or herself.

  • What options do I have on appointments?

When you click on an appointment, you are presented with the options to either:

  • Accept (with appointment requests)
  • Decline
  • Re-assign
  • Reschedule


  • Can I edit subjects? 

The subjects in the application are created by the enterprise admin and can not be edited as an office manager. However, it is possible to activate these subjects for your office and assign office employees to them.

For more information on appointment subjects, click here

  • Can I add an office myself?

It is not possible as an office manager to add offices yourself. The enterprise admin is responsible for creating offices. 

Can I manage more than one office?

Users of the application can be made office manager of 1 or more offices. To assign a user as an office manager to one or more offices, please contact the administrator of your company. Once he assigned you to other offices, you will see them in your office overview.

How can I switch between the offices I manage?

How to:

  1. Go to Navigation > Overview 
  2. Here you can select the desired office
  3. Switch to another office by pressing the refresh button at the bottom. 



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