How to submit a ticket?


For support purposes,  Skedify uses a support portal (powered by Zendesk) to communicate about issues. This portal allows sending automated updates about ticket creation and status changes. It's a great and easy way to track communication about issues.

The portal also provides easy overview of all past tickets fully enhanced by metrics.

When a ticket is created, both you and Skedify want to provide an answer for the question or a solution for the issue as quickly as possible.
This means that the necessary information needs to be provided from the beginning.

This guide provides some insight on how a ticket is submitted for best results.

Steps via the support portal

  1. Go to
  2. When creating a ticket, please provide the most information you can:
    1. date and time of the issue
    2. user that had the issue
    3. replay scenario of the issue
    4. etc.
    1. screenshots
    2. screen recordings
    3. log files
    4. etc.
    1. Subject to describe in a few words what the ticket is about. This description will also appear in the subject of the automated mails
    2. Description where you can provide all details about the issue. In the description we expect as much as detail as possible. This might include:
    3. Type indicates if the ticket is about a question, an incident, a problem or a task
      a question could be "can Skedify be enhanced with functionality ….."
      an incident could be "users can no longer sign in"
      a problem could be "you have lost access to your support account"
      a task could be "a backup needs to be restored on the test server"
    4. Impact indicates how many users are impacted by the ticket.
    5. Urgency indicates the urgency you think should be assigned to the ticket. Know that giving all tickets the urgency urgent will degrade the service and support Skedify offers since we won't be able to differentiate the really urgent tickets from the other ones.
    6. Browser when it's a client-side issue (eg. in the plugin or the web app). Browsers react differently and this information will help us replay the issue by narrowing down the issue
    7. All kind of attachments can be added to help us close the ticket faster:
  3. If the urgency was set to urgent, then you are also required to contact the Skedify support desk by phone (via +32 (0) 9 328 05 19) to ensure the ticket gets the right priority



Screenshot tips:

  • always capture the url of the browser
  • do not make a picture of the screen with your phone, but use the "print screen" key (Windows), "Snipping Tool" (Windows), Command (⌘)-Shift-3 (Mac)
  • include the developer tools console tab and network tab. To do this press F12
  • save screenshot as images instead of pasting them into word documents
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