What are default planning rules and how to apply them or deviate from them?


Default planning rules

If you activate your time slot for a certain location,  the default planning rules will be activated for that time slot. The default planning rules are set by your office manager. In the default planning rules, your office manager has decided to which subject you are linked and through which channel you offer this specific services.
You will need to align with your manager so see the default planning rules for your office.


Deviate from the default planning rules

If agreed with your organization, it is possible to deviate from the planning rules your office manager has set. You can also mark in what location you will work in a timeslot

1. You need to decide at which location you are going to work within the selected time slot
2. You deactivate the switch “default planning rules”
3. You “add subjects” for the desired timeslot



When clicking on “add subjects” a pop-up screen appears where you can select the subjects you want to treat during that time frame, just by clicking on the subject title.

The selected subjects will be highlighted as shown in the screenshot below:


When pressing SAVE, you can go even more into detail.
The selected subjects can be offered by different meeting types. As an employee, you can decide which channel you want to offer for each subject.
There are 4 meeting types offered by Skedify:

  • Office meeting
  • Phone meeting
  • Video meeting
  • A meeting “On Location”, meaning at another place than your office.


It depends on your organization whether all meeting types are activated and on top of that what meeting types your office manager has activated for a specific location.



Nb: It could e.g. be perfectly normal that the organization has activated “Phone” as a meeting type but the office manager decided there is no suitable place to do those actual phone calls.

If you want to disable a meeting type for a certain subject (1) , click the icon so it turns red(2).
When the icons are greyed out, the meeting type is not allowed by your enterprise administrator, you cannot overrule this.



Press the save button and repeat these steps for all the time slots and your default template is ready to use.

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