How to improve network connection?

Nowadays, all common internet providers offer enough bandwidth to ensure successful video calls, however some factors might degrade the speed of the actual connection between your PC and the internet.  Following tips and trick might help you to improve your network connection, ensuring a better and stable connection to

  • use a wired network connection
  • if you are using a wired connection, switch off wireless connection to make sure you are using the wired connection
  • if a wired connection is not possible, move as close as possible to the WiFi access point or re-position the access point to an elevated, clear spot
  • make sure there are no obstructing factors around your PC, your WiFi access point and/or the router.  These can include:
    • large metal objects
    • other electronic equipment
    • cordless devices like phones
    • halogen lamps
    • speakers
    • microwave
  • properly shut down all unneeded applications on you PC
  • remove unneeded toolbars or add-on's in your browser


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