How to set up default planning rules for your office


When you have the role of an office manager, you can determine the default planning rules for your office employees. The employees assigned to your office can easily take over the availability rules you have determined. 

When you have the role of “office manager” you will see the “My Team” button on the top of your screen (1). 

If you do not have the role of an office manager and you want to acquire it, you must contact your administrator.


Assigning employees to services

When you want to offer certain services to your customer for online booking, you must assign contacts who have the knowledge or experience to service your customers. You will need to navigate to  “My team”(1) and then to “Services” (2)


You will find, under assignments (3)  a matrix including all of your team members and a list of services your enterprise has determined. If you want to link one of your team members to a certain service, you can mark the checkbox (4). If you do not wish to link an employee to a certain service, you leave the checkbox blank (5).

If you do not want to offer this service for your office, you simply do not link anybody to this service.

Scheduling rules in your office

Once you have linked the employees to the services (1) , you can start thinking about through which meeting type you want to offer certain subjects in the “Scheduling rules” screen (2).

There are 4 meeting types defined in Skedify:
1. Office
2. Phone
3. Video
4. On Location


Depending on the agreement between your enterprise and Skedify, certain meeting types will be visible or not to you.


As an office manager you are now responsible for linking meeting types to your subjects. It could perfectly be that for a certain subject or service, you want your customers to have that meeting with the expert by e.g. video conferencing and for others you decide it is less suitable.

If you want a meeting type to be allowed for a certain subject, you will need to switch the button to “YES”.
You will also notice that in some cases the slider is not present, this means that your enterprise administrator does not let you handle this service by this meeting type.

Once you have set this, the default meeting rules for your office are set. 

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