What info can be found in the side panel

The side panel contains following information.


1. the share button allows you to copy the link to the meeting to your clipboard.  You can then easily copy paste the correct link in the invitation

2. your name and how it is displayed in the call

3. this opens the advanced control panel

  • depending on your role, the privileges you have here differ
  • it allows all participants to control your devices (audio, camera), access media statistics
  • host privileges also allow you to
    • lock the meeting and prevent others from joining the meeting
    • add and remove a participant

4. & 5. allows you to toggle between the events view and the participants view

  • The events window (4.) shows a list of conference events that have occurred during the course of the call (participants joining, leaving, presenting etc.) and also enables chatting
  • The participants view (5.) shows you a list of who is connected to the call

6. when the participants view is selected, this shows you the connected participants.  Each person has an icon next to their name, indicating their role

  • mceclip2.png Hosts, who can control the meeting and other participants
  • mceclip3.png Guests



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