Audio : general info and initial troubleshooting

Test your hardware

To ensure that both audio and video are operational on, perform a testcall on

Select specific hardware

If you have multiple audio device, both input and output, and want to use a specific device for your calls, you can select it from the control menu in  The menu is accessible by clicking the three dots next to your name. Refer to the “How to select a specific input or audio device in” article for more information.

First troubleshooting steps

If you are having issues connecting your audio devices :

  • make sure that no other application (eg. Skype, FaceTime, ...) is currently using the audio device.
  • test your audio’s functionality in those applications.  After this test, don’t forget to properly close the application to prevent the microphone or speaker from remaining in use.
  • if you are using external audio devices (eg. Bluetooth, USB connected), make sure that these are properly installed, switched on and enabled to be used as audio device.  Refer to the hardware’s manual to ensure proper installation.
  • if you have recently installed this (new) hardware, a reboot might be required to properly activate it. 
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