I cannot log in - what should I do ?

If you cannot log to Skedify, you can perform several checks:

1. When entering your password, make sure NumLock or CapsLock are on or off, depending on what state you want it to be in.  Your user name is not case-sensitive.

2. Check the clock of your computer. In order to prevent synchronization issues, your access can be blocked if your computer's internal clock deviates too much.  Possible actions include

  • update your clock settings to automatically sync with a time-server (recommended)
  • update your clock manually
    tip! to check if your clock is still in sync, check https://time.is 

3. Contact your administrator to ensure your access is still set to active.  An inactive or blocked user can not log in.

4. Contact your administrator to ensure you are using the correct e-mail address.  Only known e-mail  addresses are able to log on to the Skedify platform

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