How to set up​ the "Make appointment"​ button on your companies Facebook page     


Step: 1 → Go to your companies website via admin view → if your page has the layout with a button, hover over it and choose edit button.

!!! if your page layout doesn't have a button - do not change the page layout as it may cause loss of the content - view page setting to add a button.


Step: 2 Choose the button type: Make a booking with you and book now go to the next step

Step: 3 → Click: Link website

→ Switch over to the Skedify web-app and create a meeting link

  • Click on Calendar in the overview page
  • Navigate left to “Create meeting link”
  • Choose the type of meeting link and copy it

Step: 4 Paste your appointment link

Step 5: Click Finish

You're all set!

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