How to deal with a colleague who is absent?

When a colleague will be absent foreseen or unforeseen, you can easily deal with this in Skedify.


My team member is absent : planned

When a team member is absent he can make sure no available slots are offered towards your clients. There are 2 easy ways to do this:

- When there is no synchronization between your external calendar (e.g. 0365) the colleague can add an exception to the availability

- when there is a connection between the external calendar and Skedify,  and your colleague has set his absence in his external calendar, nothing has to be done since the skedify will take into consideration the timeslots which are not marked as "Free"


My team member is absent : unplanned

When a team member has an unplanned absence there are several things you need to pay attention to.

Existing meetings with clients need to be dealt with. 

When there is another team member available, you can re-assign the meeting to another team member.  

go to my team > appointments > view appointments > re-assign

Your client will be alerted that somebody has taken over the meeting


When there is no other team member available to take over the appointment, you can easily request your customer to choose another time slot.

go to my team > appointments > view appointments > reschedule


What to do with the rest of the absence? 

If all of the appointments have been re-assigned or re-scheduled, you have to make sure no new appointments are scheduled for your colleague during his/her absence.

Again, several ways to do it:

- Mark in the external calender an absence

- Add exceptions in the availability

- Deactivate the availability for your colleague until further notice. This is only recommended for longer periods of absence.







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