My colleague is on a holiday, what can I do?

When you start your holiday, please take the steps of the following article into consideration:
see: I am on vacation, what shall I do within Skedify?

But what if your colleague is on a holiday and you are still working at the office, what can you do?


1. Assign existing appointments to another advisor who is available

When a meeting has been booked for your colleague who is already on holiday, we advise you to assign the appointment to yourself or another available advisor.  This will guard the customer journey and the customer will know who will take care of him.

You can easily reassign an appointment in the appointment detail screen.

2. Change your availability template

Another idea could be that you change your availability for the time of the absence of your colleague. Maybe you want to stretch your availability to offer more time slots to your customers. If you want to know more about adding extra templates, please read the following articles:

3. Change your absent colleagues availability template

If your colleague has forgotten to book his , you can check modify his availability when you have the role office manager and modify his templates like shown in step 2


You can also opt to block the agenda of your colleague in the external calendar system



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