A listing is a pre-configured filter related to a (temporary) offering (such as a job listing, real estate listing, e.g.) by a company to customers to enable scheduling appointments for that specific offering.

A listing

  • always has
    • one or multiple allowed subjects
  • can
    • have one or multiple allowed offices
    • have one or multiple allowed agents
    • have one or multiple allowed meeting types
    • have one or multiple allowed time blocks, each of them with one or multiple assigned agents

for which appointments can be scheduled within that listing context.

It does not override, but further applies filters on the scheduling rules that would be applied outside of the listing context.

Time blocks and assignments

If allowed time blocks are configured for a listing, one or multiple agents that are associated with that listing should be assigned to each time block. Without agent assignments, a time block won’t have any effect.




An assignment of an agent to a time block can be marked as exclusive. This means that the agent will not be available for anything other than the listing during that time block.



A time block can be marked as non-bookable. This means that the time block will not be allowed when scheduling appointments within that listing context.


If no allowed time blocks are configured for a listing then no additional limitations (on top of the already existing availability that the agents have set up using availability templates) will be put on the available time slots for that listing.


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